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Amey/United Utilities

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Project Date: February to March 2021

The Norlands Lane project was a complex five-week job which was mainly required to help the “as-built’s” match-up to United Utilities’ One Map.

The job consisted of connecting up existing 12″, 14″and 18″ mains which had missing valves and hydrants. In addition, the current valves were spaced out across the area and United Utilities wanted the network of valves and hydrants in closer proximity and in more suitable places.

Furthermore, the idea behind the project meant that the new installation of pipeline would “tidy” up the valves in the area and make it easier for United Utilities to isolate sections of the line in a more convenient manner.

Within the rebuild, the operatives used in excess of at least 120 different fittings. The complexity of the job was made difficult   their being a lot going on in such a small place. In addition, the different levels of the build meant that the operatives had to use their expertise in positioning certain fittings in places, which allowed the pipelines to be connected safely and in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

The completion of the project was on schedule and all the valves and hydrants for that section of the pipeline are now on either the footpath or carriageway. This makes it more accessible for United Utilities and enables them to access and operate their network with ease.

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